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Designed and provided instruction Microsoft Access via GoToMeeting software to the staff of Century 21.  The staff was provided with a reference video of the instruction as well as documentation for future reference.
7 years of instruction in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Modeling via hybrid course format at Montclair State University.  Published academic research was carried out to understand the advantages and disadvantages of face to face vs. online instruction.
3 years instructor of data  analysis, interpretation and communication, i.e., how to make practical decisions based on numbers and how to effectively persuade a given interpretation.
Public speaking, social sciences, network administration, a d communication (organizational and interpersonal)

Computer services for small business

Providing guidance in setting up web pages, and services, including web page design
Installation, maintenance of servers, workstations, routers, firewalls
Providing encrypted internet communication to guard against snooping.
Security software setup, and instruction on security best practices.
Application selection and installation - workstation and cloud based.
Utilizing cloud based backup and availability applications (Dropbox, Syncplicity)
Disaster recovery, i.e., backup and restore.  Creating a plan to balance cost and security in terms of time to recover functionality.
Virtual private networks and remote access software to provide access to networks/workstations/servers beyond the physical office